Articulated Trucks e-Learning CD for Heavy Construction & Quarry/Mining
Articulated Trucks e-Learning CD for Heavy Construction & Quarry/Mining

e-Learning for Heavy Equipment Operators
Articulated Trucks - Heavy Construction
The Equipment Training Solutions (ETS) group is pleased to announce their new self-learning Operator Training CD's.  These training modules were created for beginning operators, technicians, equipment owners, and others wanting to learn about Cat machine operating basics.  These materials are intended to give end users basic knowledge on safety, maintenance, pre-operating procedures and operating procedures.  There is a knowledge self-check exercise at the end of each unit and a final examination at the end of the program enabling students to print their results.  Interactive exercises make learning enjoyable.  Each CD includes a resource section with tailgate safety presentations, operator cabs and controls, specalogs and links to Equipment Training Solutions and websites.


     These CDs and software will function on the majority of PC machines.  Macintosh systems may require additional software.
  • Operating System:  Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7.
  • Display:  Recommended 1024x768 or better at 16/32 bit (Minimum 600x800 at 16 bit color)
  • CPU/Memory:  Intel Pentium 4 with 512MB (1GB or greater recommended)

International Terms of Sale:  DDU (All overseas taxes, duties and import fees are not included in the cost.)

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